Hi. You’ve come across the website of Mars in the Word-erland.

First, let me give a little intro.

To make it short, I’m just a passionate dreamer with a world of words.

I’ve given myself the alias, Mars in the Word-erland because my mind tends to wander in wonder, that I would get lost in a world of words that I put up, myself, which I call Word-erland. In that world, the words are so selfless, offering themselves to me in fulfillment of my yearning. And I would take them, not only to put them into writing as a writer who writes stories; prose; poetry; aphorisms; and any idea that sparks up, but also to put meaning into life as a human being who feels; thinks; and expresses.

I built this site to give a place for my written works and hopefully, it may turn to a hang out for avid readers. I just do what I love, and I’d love to share them with others. So, feel free to roam around and enjoy.

Furthermore, this site is just one of the places in my Word-erland. Below are links where you can explore more of my Word-erland.